Good health is good business for every business

Welcome to the Healthy Business Coalition

Health is no longer just for healthcare companies. All businesses have a role to play to improve health in their value chains. Today’s corporate leaders are already proving that good health is a source of competitive advantage and a catalyst for innovation.

Welcome to the Healthy Business Coalition. We're here to help managers and executives engage their companies to improve the health of employees, customers, and communities while delivering business value. Together we aim to drive real change at scale.

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Why It Matters for Business

America has a health deficit. The deficit is hurting the country's economic competitiveness and negatively impacts companies' ability to create value. Improving employee, customer, and community health remains the most pressing challenge for the business community and requires more than traditional approaches.

The good news is that addressing the health deficit pays dividends. Through investments in health along the value chain, companies strengthen their ability to serve customers, provide a platform for communities to thrive, and help consumers live longer, more fulfilling lives. Successfully tackling the health deficit means more productive workforces, more resilient communities, and innovation in business models, products, and services.

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Tools cover persuasion techniques, prioritization frameworks, solution design, effective stakeholder engagement, and program measurement.

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Case Studies

These case studies provide examples of how private-sector companies have worked to build health equity in communities, develop employee health and well-being programs, and provide metrics for assessing positive impact on population health.

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Business Action

The Business Actions for a Healthy Society offers guidance for business on how to “move the needle” on community health in the U.S. and positively impact the social determinants of health.

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Healthy business is about unleashing the human capital, competitive advantage, and opportunity for innovation that are tied to healthy employees, customers, and local communities.