Sodexo: Communities for Health

Communities for Health aims to improve employee health through evidence based wellness programs, which focus on chronic disease prevention and intervention. Leveraging a plus-one model, programs are available to family members, thus enriching the local community.

“Touching the lives of 75 million consumers every day, Sodexo has the opportunity and obligation to promote and encourage healthier choices that improve quality of life for millions of people around the world.”


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Program Strategy

  • Focused on Healthy Behaviors and Disease Burdens,the program provides tailored health communications, biometric screenings, and lifestyle coaching sessions to enrolled employees, with the aim of decreasing rates of diabetes and obesity. 
  • Focus population is select employees and family members in the United States.

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Program Details

  • Workforce and Operations is the Scope of Action.
  • Sodexo partners with the YMCA of Central Florida and the Kresge Foundation.

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Program Metrics

Near-Term Outcomes

Metrics not yet available. However, applicable metrics include:


  • Biometric screenings: Percentage of employees regularly visiting health professionals for necessary tests, screenings, and observation.
  • Access to healthy foods: Percentage of workforce with healthy and affordable food options in company cafeterias and local area.


Long-Term Impacts

Metrics not yet available. However, applicable metrics include:

  • Diabetes rates
  • Hypertension and control
  • Obesity rates
  • Healthy eating choices

Program: Workforce and Operations

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