Etsy, Inc.: Economic Security for the Gig Economy

Etsy is working to foster economic security for its sellers and other workers in the gig economy via targeted research on the future of work, and supporting advocacy to U.S. policymakers.

“Our mission to keep commerce human is the guiding principle behind the tangible ways we’re working to make a positive impact on our community, our environment, and the global economy.”

Etsy, Inc.

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Program Strategy

  • Focused on Access to Care, Work Environment, and Economic and Social Determinants, Etsy’s policy work aims to streamline employment benefits and minimize the impacts of income variability.
  • The focus population is gig workers in the U.S., including Etsy sellers.

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Program Details

  • The Scope of Action is Policy and Advocacy, including CEO-level leadership
  • Advocacy tactics comprise publishing research, providing a platform for sellers to support policy efforts, engaging in direct policy advocacy, and supporting an Etsy research fellowship.

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Program Metrics

Near-Term Outcomes

Metrics not yet available. However, applicable metrics include:

  • Access to living wage: Average annual income compared to self-sufficiency wage.
  • Availability of choice: Percentage of population with multiple options for health coverage.
Long-Term Impacts

Metrics not yet available. However, applicable metrics include:

  • Affordability of healthcare
  • Unemployment rates
  • Household income

Program: Policy and Advocacy

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