Johnson & Johnson: HealthForce 2020

“Empower and engage Johnson & Johnson employees to become the healthiest workforce.”

Johnson & Johnson

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Program Strategy

  • With HealthForce 2020, our intent is to empower and engage at least 100,000 employees by 2020 toward a personal best in health and well-being by enhancing our foundation of core employee health & well-being programs and services

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Program Details

  • Energy for Performance, a science-based training program designed to help employees identify their unique mission, and discover how their health and well-being connects with their purpose. 
  • Healthy & Me, a global digital tool to provide health and well-being resources to employees and spouse/ partners.
  • Create an environment and culture that promotes healthy eating and movement 

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Program Metrics

Near-Term Outcomes
  • Energy for Performance: 78,000 employees trained.
  • Healthy & Me: 96,000 employees connected.
  • Healthy eating and movement: 116,000 employees with access to 70 percent of the policy elements.
Long-Term Impact
  • Employee engagement and resource use
  • Increase in movement
  • Business metrics (e.g., recruitment, retention, performance, and promotion)
  • Health outcomes

Program: Workforce and Operations

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