We developed a suite of healthy business tools to help executives and managers take action in their organizations.

Read and download the tools to take the next step toward transforming your company into a healthy business.

Persuasion: Making the case

A guide to increase internal, cross-functional alignment and support for health


Communications Guide

You have your healthy business initiative idea. Now you need to sell it to your boss and other leaders inside the business. This guide is designed to help you effectively persuade key internal leaders to invest in healthy business initiatives.

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Translation: Setting your priorities

A process and framework to identify the health issues that make sense for your company to address


Strategy Tool

You have buy-in from key decision-makers to set a healthy business agenda. Now you need to engage stakeholders to identify the most strategic health issues. This tool is designed to help you prioritize health issues based on business relevance and social impact.

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Innovation: Designing the right solutions

A method to create new products, services, and programs that support positive health outcomes


Innovation Playbook

You’ve built momentum to launch a healthy business initiative. Now you need to clarify the problem and develop ideas. This playbook leads you through the crucial first steps of an innovation process to turn challenges into actionable solutions.

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Communication: Telling the world

A guide to better engage stakeholders and communicate the value of health to your company


Stakeholder Engagement Guide

You have launched a healthy business initiative. Now you need to ensure your program is well received and leads to positive health impacts. This guide is designed to help you engage with people who may be affected by and can influence your decisions and activities.

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Measurement: Assessing Your Progress

A tool to select metrics that will help you assess progress toward your healthy business objectives


Healthy Metrics Guide

Wherever your company currently finds itself on its healthy business journey, metrics are an important tool to ensure your programs have outcomes that will make an impact on your health priorities. This tool will enable you to select the guiding metrics for building an evidence-based healthy business program.

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